Kamal Nursery and its range of plants have always synonymous to high quality and services. We offer wide assortment of Perennial Flowering Plants, Landscape Gardening Plants Ornamental/Decorative plants, Indoor plants, Palms (Rhapis, Foxtail and others), Fruit plants ( Hybrid mangoes, Coconuts, Tissueculture grown bananas etc.), Flowering plants, Roses, Water lilies & lotus of various colors, Rooted cuttings of marigold, dahlia etc. cycads(Cycus, Zamia etc.), Plumeria alba,rubra etc and Plumeria pudica, Perennials, Season flower seedlings, Lawn Grass, Fireclay pots, Bulbs/Corms(Tuberose ,Gladiolii etc.) and so on. We are also engaged in offering Garden consultancy, Fireclay pots and Garden tools. These plants are used in gardening and as well as decorating the surroundings as well as the interiors. Besides, when it comes to the Wholesale Fruit Plants Suppliers in India, we are counted at the top of the list.

Fruit Plants

When it comes to offering the finest quality of fruits plants, we are counted on top of the list. The array of Fruit Trees Plants supplied by us includes Guava Sapota, Supari, Litchi, Bell, Lime Zamir, Black Berry, Pomello, Jack Fruit, Mango of all varieties, Karamcha and so on. Besides, we also offer Coconut Palm Plant of the best quality. Our Indoor Fruit Plants are very high yielding in nature. In addition to this, we are one of the leading Fruit Plants Suppliers Company in the country.

Some of the plants that we have been cultivating at our gardens are:

  • Guava L-49 (P. Bag)

  • Guava K.G.

  • Sapota(P. Bag)

  • Supari (P. Bag)

  • Litchi

  • Lime Pati (P. Bag)

  • Bell (Fruit) (P. Bag)

  • Lime Zamir (P.Bag)

  • Lime Zamir (Potted)

  • Black Berry (P. Bag)

  • Pomello (P. Bag)

  • Jack Fruit

  • Mango (varieties) (P. Bag)

  • Karamcha (P. Bag)

  • Lime Musambi (Potted)

  • Kamrakh

  • Coconut

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    • Pomegranate Plants
      Pomegranate is a juicy kind of fruit which is not only delicious but also nutritious. We offer the Pomegranate Plants that are high in quality. The Pomegranate Juice Plant is cultured in our own plant in a sophisticated manner properly maintaining
    • Banana Plants
      Kamal Nursury brings forth premium quality Banana Plants of various species of bananas. Planted from the high quality full-grown seeds or the stem of the banana trees, these banana plants give superior quality banana fruits. The Banana Tree Plant we

    Other Products

    • Flowering Plants
      For the complete range of flowering plants, just avail our highly affordable services. Our wide range of Garden Flowering Plants includes Araucaria Cookii, Aralia, Bougainvillea and Brownea Ariza and so on and so forth. These flowering plants are
    • Dahlia Plants
      Kamal Nursery is one stop destination of superior quality Dahlia Plant in the market. The Dahlia Flowers Plant we make available in the market is known for giving highly aromatic flowers of white, yellow, orange, red, blue and many more mixed
    • Indoor Plants
      We offer the finest quality of in door plants. The Indoor Gardening Plants grown by us in our nursery comprises of philodendron, alpania, moneyplants etc. Our range of Indoor Tree Plants is used to enhance the beauty of the home with their lush
    • Landscape Plants
      Embellish your surrounding with greenery provided by our plethora of landscape plants. Our wide array of Attractive Landscape Plants used to decorate your home, office or any place for any occasion. The landscape plants made available by us
    • Lawn Grass
      The company is in the trade of growing the lush green Lawn Grass in your garden. It is one of the leading Garden Grasses Suppliers in the market. The velvety Lawn & Garden Grass gives a wonderful ambiance to your garden and lawn. The most important
    • Ornamental Plants
      We display the finest collection of Ornamental Plants in the international market. The Ornamental Garden Plants made accessible by the company add a dash of beauty and grandeur to your garden, lawn and home. Our Ornamental Grass Plants encompass,
    • Palm Plants
      The Palm Plants made available by us are widely used as ornamental plants. Our wide range of Palm Tree Plants generally tall in heights with spreading and long leaves. The Indoor Palm Plants made available by us include Coyure Palm, King Palm,
    • Perennial Plants
      Our nursery grows the superior quality Perennial Plants. You can avail those Perennial Garden Plants from us in numerous varieties and ranges. The Perennial Flower Plants brought forth by us include Bougainvillea, Plumeria Pudica and many more. All
    • Plumeria Plants
      We present the premium quality Plumeria Plants in the national as well as international markets. The Plumeria Flower Plants made accessible by us are widely used as landscaping plants for decorating purpose. These Plumeria Plants are cultivated
    • Rose Plants
      We offer ultimate solution for all kinds of Rose Plants. It is believed the gardening of rose is one of the most troublesome affairs as these thorny Rose Flower Plants requires much maintenance and pampering with weekly sprays and frequent
    • Terracotta Flower Pots
      The company brings forth excellent quality Terracotta Flower Pots in the domestic as well as global market. The Terracotta Garden Pots made available by us are manufactured from good quality fire clay prepared from the soft clay of the Ganges. These
    • Water Lily Plants
      We offer the exceptional quality Water Lily Plants in the international market. The Water Lily Flower Plant made available by the company is accessible in various popular varieties and specification. These water lily plants give colorful flowers of
    • Season Flowers
      We offer a massive range of Season Flowers to cater to your requirements of gardening and decoration. The huge collection includes both the Winter Season Flowers and the Summer Season Flowers. The flowers are cultivated in our own nursery
    • Champagne Palm
      Champagne Palm is a delicious fruit which rich in different types of vitamins. The Champagne Palm Tree looks a bit like the coconut tree but much shorter than it. We offer premium quality Champagne Palm Tree that is cultivated from the premium
    • Rhapis Excelsa
      Rhapis Excelsa is a rarely found tree which is famous for its beautiful leaves. We offer superior quality Rhapis Excelsa Plants to cater to your gardening requirements. We are specialized in cultivating this type of trees. The nurseries where these
    • Cycad Plants
      The Cycad Plants with their beautiful green leaves adorn the decoration of your garden. The Rare Cycad Plants offered by Kamal Nursury are marked by their unmatched quality. Cultivated in our own nursery in a very sophisticated process maintaining
    • Canna Plants
      Canna Flowers widely used for home decoration and other decorative purposes for their beauty. We offer premium quality Canna Flower Plants for gardening purposes. The Canna Plants are cultured in our own nursery using the sophisticated process.
    • Croton Plants
      The beautiful leaves of Croton Plants make them ideal for garden decoration. We offer an exclusive range of Croton Houseplants with numerous colors. The Croton Plants are cultured in our well-maintained nursery in sophisticated manner in the
    • Bulbous Plants
      We are among the leading Bulbous Garden Plants Manufacturers in India. The Bulbous Plants offered by us are of unmatched quality. The Bulbous Flower Plants are grown from the best quality seeds. Moreover, the cultivation process of the plants is

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