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Fruit Plants

When it comes to offering the finest quality of fruits plants, we are counted on top of the list. The array of Fruit Trees Plants supplied by us includes Guava Sapota, Supari, Litchi, Bell, Lime Zamir, Black Berry, Pomello, Jack Fruit, Mango of all varieties, Karamcha and so on. Besides, we also offer Coconut Palm Plant of the best quality. Our Indoor Fruit Plants are very high yielding in nature. In addition to this, we are one of the leading Fruit Plants Suppliers Company in the country.

Some of the plants that we have been cultivating at our gardens are:

  • Guava L-49 (P. Bag)
  • Guava K.G.
  • Sapota(P. Bag)
  • Supari (P. Bag)
  • Litchi
  • Lime Pati (P. Bag)
  • Bell (Fruit) (P. Bag)
  • Lime Zamir (P.Bag)
  • Lime Zamir (Potted)
  • Black Berry (P. Bag)
  • Pomello (P. Bag)

  • Jack Fruit
  • Mango (varieties) (P. Bag)
  • Karamcha (P. Bag)
  • Lime Musambi (Potted)
  • Kamrakh
  • Coconut

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    Pomegranate is a juicy kind of fruit which is not only delicious but also nutritious. We offer the Pomegranate Plants that are high in quality. The Pomegranate Juice Plant is cultured in our own plant in a sophisticated manner properly maintaining all the conditions required for better growth. The Pomegranate Plants of our nursery,

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    Kamal Nursury brings forth premium quality Banana Plants of various species of bananas. Planted from the high quality full-grown seeds or the stem of the banana trees, these banana plants give superior quality banana fruits. The Banana Tree Plant we offer is very easy to cultivate and do not require any kind of fertilizers. The Banana

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